Warfighter Joystix-FPS

JOYSTIX-FPS is a large, non-USB analog joystick with a hand rest and tab to mount a micro light switch

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The device is in a 3D printed plastic housing. It was created through a joint effort between Warfighter Engaged and Craig Hospital in Colorado Springs. There are several available options:

  • The 4″ FPS cap with Left or Right hand mounts are intended to use RAM ball mounts – email us at with your specific requirement.
  • JOYSTIX-FPS also does not come with the Ultra-light button shown in the pictures. It can be added below.

JOYSTIX-FPS will sit on any flat surface and can be held down with Velcro or screwed down if the ‘mounting base’ version is chosen. JOYSTIX-FPS comes with an approximately 3″ (~90 cm) cord and 3.5mm plug(s) configured for the Xbox Adaptive Controller’s X1/X2 ports.

XAC and assembled stands are shown for reference are shown for size reference and are not included in the purchase price.

*You do NOT need USB for the analog joysticks to work. The Xbox Adaptive Controller has 2 ports in the back: X1 and X2. They are designed to accept these joysticks and work exactly the same as USB sticks.

Cap Style

4" FPS Grip with Right-Handed Mount, 4" FPS Grip with Left-Handed Mount, 4" FPS grip with Mounting Base

Ultra-Light Switch

Yes, No

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