VoiceCue is a clever, discrete auditory cueing device.

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This product is now only available to purchase as an ex-demo unit – in fully working condition.

Record up to five messages (60 seconds total recording time) and set the clock to play back messages at pre-set times.

Each message can be assigned two playback times. For example, record “Time to take your medication.” and set the clock to play the message at 7 a.m. and again at 6 p.m. If the message catches you off guard and you’re not sure what it said, just press the “replay” button within one minute to repeat the last message. Change messages or play time anytime you want.

Requires a pen tip to record, so messages will not easily be erased or misrecorded. Features a digital clock, volume control, and non-volatile memory (the messages are not lost even if the batteries run low). Includes a clip-on holder and two AA batteries.


2x AA (included)

Record Time

60 seconds (Total, Record up to 5 messages, 12 seconds each)

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