Town Maze Magnetic Game

The colorful balls are trying to find their way home to their matching garage – but they need your help navigating the city!

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  • Slide the magnetic wand over the plastic cover to guide the spheres along the intersecting tracks. Watch out! – Some of the roadways are blocked!
  • One of the roadblocks must be guided along a track to move it out of the way. The other one can be rotated to allow one sphere through at a time.
  • Magnetic wand tethered to game-board by string – features storage slot on side of board.

What is the Object of the Game?

When children are ready, they can aim to get all the balls put back in their “homes” according to colour. Red balls go in the red garage, blue balls in the blue garage, yellow in the yellow garage and grey balls can get tucked away in the dead end!

Don’t worry if your child is not ready for this aspect just yet, there is still plenty to enjoy in simply moving the beads around the board.

Carefully thought out design

Each of the parking garages have a slight recess allowing the balls to stay parked in their homes when children tilt the board (as will undoubtedly happen when playing on their laps!).

The magnetic wand is just long enough to reach all parts of the maze but not too long so as to get tangled or present a safety hazard.

Encourages Problem Solving!

The strength of the magnetic wand often results in 2 or even 3 balls following behind when your child is trying to move only one. Frustrating right? Not to worry, this is by design!

Figuring out how to use the roadblock, roundabout and other little alcoves to “hide” a certain color while allowing the color of your choice to pass is part of the fun.

Magnetic wand stores easily for travel

When you are done, simply tuck away the magnetic wand in the conveniently provided storage slot and voila, cleanup is done!

The town maze measures 25.4 x 22.2 cm making it small enough to tuck in a diaper bag or carry-on.

Dimensions 25.4 × 22.2 cm
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