Time Timer Watch PLUS

Time Timers provide the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. A great addition to individual and group activities.

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Enjoy the empowering effect of your favorite Time Timer product that you know and love while on the go. The Watch PLUS provides an easy way to keep every daily routine on track, improve focus throughout the day, and improve independence and self-regulation that is discreet and portable. Whether you depend on Time Timer products to overcome ADHD, Autism, or other cognitive variances, or you just want the look of a fun sporty watch that increases productivity, the Time Timer Watch PLUS is a durable and fun solution. The Watch PLUS can help anyone sail through their day, from timing exercise intervals to a big presentation. The sporty design makes this wrist-watch a great accessory for students, adults, athletes, teachers, and professionals, of any age or ability.

3 Powerful Modes!

  • Time Timer: Set an original 60-minute or custom timer up to 99 hours. An optional repeating alert is available and perfect for anyone needing regular reminders to take medicine, use the restroom, or stay on task. 
  • Clock: Analog and digital displays in 12- or 24-hour format
  • Alarm: Set a time-of-day alarm. The optional alarm has multiple settings. The alarm at the end of timing can be off (no alarm), set to beep, set to vibrate (silent) or set to beep and vibrate. This allows the user to select the alarm option that best suits their sensory needs whether there have sound or tactile sensitivities or variances in hearing abilities. 


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