SmartMax Magnetic Construction Set

Magical Magnets! The SmartMax Magnetic Construction Set is a wonderful set of large magnetic pieces. They are great for imaginative play and hand-eye coordination.

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The attraction of magnets is simply irresistible for kids. SmartMax allows them to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe way. The giant parts are an ideal toy for young children. The attraction and repulsion of magnets will amaze them on their exploring journey.

Older children will maximize their fun, building towers, bridges and other super-sized constructions. SmartMax evolves with your child’s growing skills.
The green, blue and purple bars have north poles while the red, orange and yellow bars have south poles. Consequently all bars with cold colour can be connected to all bars with a warm colour. All other combinations repel.

SmartMax Balls are attracted by all bars. The magnets of the longer bars are stronger than those of the short bars. These can lift more weight or make stronger connections.

Suitable for ages 2+


3 sizes available:

Blue Barrel

42 Piece Set

Red Barrel

84 Piece Set

Plastic Tub

100 Piece Set

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