ShapeDad Mouthstick Stylus

Lightweight bendable mouth stick stylus for tablet and smartphone.

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The Mouthstick Stylus contain three parts: the mouthpiece, the bendable stick and the conductive plug (tip). The Mouthstick Stylus has a net length of 12″ (30.48cm), and 14″ (35.56cm) total length (incl. mouthpiece). For the mouthpiece you can choose between the V-shaped ergonomic mouthpiece or a straight tubular one. For the tip, the Mouthstick Stylus uses a highly conductive fabric plugs; no drag, no pressure required.


The Mouthstick Stylus has two bending sections; one near the mouthpiece and one near the tip. As such, it gives you any angle possible to optimise it for your personal working position. Bending is possible with bare hands and it can be bended over and over again.


  • Total weight: 33 grams (1.16 ounce)
  • Stick: seamless stainless steel tube (316L)
  • V-shaped ergonomic mouthpiece: POM-C
  • Straight tubular mouthpiece: FDA hose (cadmium-free)
  • Stylus Tip: Highly conductive fabric with hard rubber kernel
Weight 0.033 kg

V-Shaped Ergonomic, V-Shaped Ergonomic Mini, Straight Tubular

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