ShapeDad Kinetic Mouthstick Stylus

Modular and flexible mouth stick stylus for tablet and smartphone control.

“The Future is Flexible”

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The Kinetic Mouthstick Stylus is a fully modular and flexible stylus that allows you to control a tablet and smartphone with your mouth. It’s based on the Loc-Line hose system that has already a common use in AT based solutions, mainly for mounting setups. This is applied to a mouthstick that you can fully adapt to your personal needs and ergonomic working position. The offering contains a fully functional mouthstick, made of the modular and flexible pointer, a highly conductive fabric plug (tip) and an ergonomic mouthpiece that is available in two sizes: Regular (Adult) and Mini (Kids).

By default, the mouthstick is 12″ (30.48cm) long, with two small flexible sections (mouth and tip) and two extended flexible sections (center). If you prefer a custom length, just mention your specs in the comments during checkout. The make the conductive chain work, the minimum length is 10″ (25.4cm).

The Innovation

The innovation of this offering is the combination of a building block setup and a highly conductive kernel inside the hose system to use the pointer as a stylus. Since the pointer itself is made from hollow plastic parts, aa cable sleeve with a silver lining was put inside to make it work for a touchscreen. As such, it can be used as a mouth controlled stylus that doesn’t require direct body contact.


Regular (Adult), Mini (Kids)


Default (12" (30.48cm)), Custom (10" or more (25.4cm or more))

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