Recordable Pegs

A colourful set of 6 recordable pegs with loud playback. Great for creative learning and play.

Simple to operate – flick the switch to ‘record’, press the special light-touch contacts and record up to ten seconds of audio message. To play your message back, simply flick the switch to ‘play’ and touch the contacts.

The specialised ‘non-slip’ magnetic back, means the pegs can be used to display artwork on the magnetic whiteboard or even metal filing cabinets.

Strong, easy-grip pegs with a 10 second recording function.

Easy touch button function to record and play back messages. Featuring a lock, record and play mode.

Fantastic for den making, number lines, talking displays and more. Children can record their own messages and clip the pegs onto the entrance of their dens. Draw a map and leave talking clues around your setting, create a talking number line or ask children to record a short message about their drawings for parents to see.


  • Includes 6 recordable pegs (1 each of green, purple, blue, red, orange and yellow)
  • Replaceable AG13 batteries.
  • Dimension: 10 x 5 cm approximately.

AG13 (3 in each Peg, 18 in total, included)

Record Time

10 seconds

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