Communication Fans

Communication Fans offers a simple way for users to express how they are feeling emotionally or how their sensory environment is affecting them. Choose between four options or buy all together and save.

Behaviour Communication Fan

  • This fan is useful to help reward and control behaviour with symbols such as good sitting, time out, good listening, calm, no biting etc.
  • Includes 13 cards with words and symbols; green light, amber light, red light, well done, good speaking, good listening, good sitting, time out, stop, calm, no biting, no hitting and no throwing.

Feelings Communication Fan

  • Ideal for those with non-verbal autism or other communication difficulties. Emotion symbols include: worried, excited, scared, and confused.
  • Includes 12 cards with words and pictures; scared, confused, excited, worried, cry, cross, sad, happy, calm, angry, laugh and ill.

Sensory Communication Fan

  • This fan is good for communicating sensory needs or stresses. Ideal for those with non-verbal autism.
  • Contains 10 pictures and words with symbols for sensory situations, such as “it’s too” – crowded, noisy, smelly etc.
  • Includes 10 cards with words and pictures; It’s too…, hot, cold, bright, taste, noisy, messy, crowded, smelly and uncomfortable.

Social Rules Communication Fan 

  • Includes 12 cards with pictures and simple phrases to help with social etiquette and rules such as “be nice”, “take turns”, “sit nicely”, “give others space” etc.
  • The cards are; be kind, hand up, take turns, gentle, sit nicely, indoor voice, share, give others space, wait, quiet, time, let’s talk and line up.
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