Primary Timers

Display this versatile handheld timer on a desk or wear it around the neck to time classroom activities like assessing fluency, measuring elapsed time and more. An optional 1-minute beep function emits a tone every 60 seconds for individually timed fluency tests.

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Primary Timers Handheld, displayed on a desk or worn around the neck, your stopwatch timer lets you time activities, run experiments, measure elapsed time and more.

Great for races, games and other timed activities, this stopwatch/timer is easy to use, making it perfect for both children and adults.

This stopwatch features only 3 buttons – yellow for start/stop, red for on/clear, and green for lap. It can’t get any easier!

This stopwatch and timer is the perfect resource to support science investigations.

Also timed math exercises, elapsed time tracking and a variety of classroom management needs.

Find out how long it takes to run from one end of the schoolyard to the other end.

Investigate the relationship between time, speed and distance travelled during physics experiments.

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