Pretorian Optima Trackball

The Optima Trackball is a desktop trackball using durable optical technology for precise control of the cursor.

The Optima Trackball is a compact, desktop mouse alternative that does not require fine motor skills and is suitable for a wide spectrum of computer users.

It is specifically designed to respond to the lightest touch to give accurate cursor navigation and precise targeting of objects on the computer screen while occupying the minimum amount of desk space.

Optima also features a low profile, providing a natural hand rest for comfortable operation, and will work with USB and PS/2 compatible computers of all types. As with all of Pretorian’s mouse alternatives, no drivers need be loaded onto the computer.

There are four speed settings and the center button gives the user access to a drag feature, allowing the left click to be engaged for an extended period, for example when moving an icon on screen. Additionally, the unit is switch adapted via two 3.5mm sockets, giving the same switch functions as the red and yellow buttons.


  •  Precise tracking and cursor control.
  •  Free running ball requiring only the lightest touch.
  •  Silky smooth ball movement.
  •  Double click option
  •  Left handed button option
  •  Buzzer may be turned off if not required
  •  Large footprint for stable operation.
  •  Colour-coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation.
  •  Auto detecting PS2 and USB protocols.
  •  Easy ‘plug and play’ installation.
  •  PC and Mac compatible.
Dimensions 18.0 × 10.2 × 11.2 cm
Connection Type

USB Type-A

Palm Rest Height

~35 mm

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