Pretorian IR Keyboard & Mouse

IR Keyboard & Mouse allows the user to make use of their AAC device to navigate and type on another computer.

IR Keyboard & Mouse is an accessory to AAC devices, allowing the user to make use of their AAC device to navigate and type on another computer. For example, if a user needs ad hoc use of a computer in an office or school setting which is not part of their own AT configuration, IR Keyboard & Mouse can simply be plugged into the target computer and the user may control the computer wirelessly from their AAC device.

IR Keyboard & Mouse makes use of the infra-red output that is available on most AAC devices and should be used together with the associated Gridsets/Pagesets that may be downloaded below. If a limited number of keystrokes and/or mouse functions are required (for example to allow access to a particular piece of software), a new Gridset/Pageset may be created and the required controls copied and pasted into it, perhaps making them larger to aid eye-gazing. Additionally, the Gridset/Pageset may be modified for non-UK keyboard layouts.

In certain situations, there may be more than one user making use of IR Keyboard & Mouse at the same time in the same room. To prevent interference, four User numbers are allowed, and provided the hardware is set to the same User number as the Gridset/Page Set, interference-free operation is assured.


  • Full keyboard and mouse functionality
  • Allows ad hoc use of other computers from your AAC device
  • Four User numbers to prevent interference.


Instruction Manual

IR Keyboard & Mouse (PDF)

Gridset Download

IR Keyboard & Mouse for Grid 3 on Grid Pad Gridset

Connection Type

USB Type-A

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