Pretorian IR Controller

The IR Controller is an accessory to AAC devices, allowing the user to wirelessly control toys and other appliances using eye gaze or their chosen input method. It may also be used to emulate a switch press directly from the AAC device’s grid to wirelessly control other AT equipment.

IR Toy Controller is an accessory to AAC devices, allowing the user to control toys and other appliances using eye-gaze, or their chosen input method. For example, if a user needs to control a switch-adapted bubble machine, IR Toy Controller can simply be plugged into the bubble machine via one of the supplied cables and controlled in a variety of ways from their AAC device.

IR Toy Controller makes use of the infra-red output that is available on most AAC devices and should be used together with the associated Gridsets/ Pagesets which may be downloaded below and installed on the user’s AAC device.

Pre-programmed buttons are available in the example Gridsets/Pagesets to control each output in Latched, Timed or On/Off modes and these may be copied and pasted into a new Gridset/Pageset to create the exact set of controls required for the situation. Alternative pictures may be added to make the cells more meaningful and of course the cells may be resized as required.

IR Toy Controller has six independent outputs, any/ all of which may be used with switch adapted low-voltage appliances and also with appliance controllers such as Pretorian’s iClick mains controller to achieve simple environmental control.

IR Toy Controller may also be used to control other switch-adapted equipment from an AAC device and is equivalent to a short press of a mechanical switch. This may be useful in allowing another piece of AT equipment to be controlled from the user’s AAC device rather than by using a conventional switch, for example by using eye-gaze. Special ‘Switch’ buttons are provided in the Gridset/Pageset libraries for each of the six outputs.


  • Independent control of up to six appliances from an AAC device.
  • Latched, Timed or On/Off control.
  • Switch emulation allows the AAC device to control other AT equipment.
  • Automatic and manual power-down options.


Instruction Manual

IR Toy Controller Instructions (PDF)

Gridset Download

IR Toy Controller for Grid 3 on Grid Pad Gridset

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