OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Digital Voice Recorder

The OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder offers professional filmmakers, YouTube enthusiasts, musicians, Students, and Journalists the sound quality and versatility for which the LS Series of audio recorders is renowned. With a compact and robust design, the LS-P5 is an ideal companion as a stand-alone recorder or a camera video accessory.

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All-in-One Hi-Res Audio


  • 3-Microphone System – Zoom 21 Levels
  • 125dB SPL Sound Pressure
  • 96 kHz / 24 bit High Resolution Sound
  • Bluetooth Headphone Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Smartphone Control
  • Up to 37 Hours Battery Life
  • Up to 20,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • USB-Micro B Power Delivery
  • Low-Cut Filter
  • Intelligent Auto, Manual and Smart Sound Level Control
  • 16 GB Built-In Memory
  • Slate Tone and Test Tone
  • Bright Sound Mode
  • MicroSD XC II Support (up to 2 TB)
  • Composite USB Microphone Mode

Tresmic II Directional Control

Equipped with a Zoom Microphone, offering unique audio control that mixes input from the three microphones and adjusts the directionality in 21 levels while maintaining audio quality. Choose optimal settings depending on the scenario, from recording birdsong and music to lectures and meetings.

Linear PCM Recording Quality

Supporting a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz and linear PCM recording at a quantization bit rate of up to 24 bit (three times the information of a CD). In addition, lossless compression FLAC recording and playback format for retaining high quality sound while keeping the file size small.

Bluetooth Enabled

Wireless sound monitoring and full control via a smartphone with the DVR Remote app for iOS and Android. Up to a distance of 10 m.

Internal Storage

16 GB

Built-In Microphone

Tresmic II

Battery Life (Recording)

~37 hours

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