Octa TabletTail WhaleTail

The TabletTail WhaleTail is a lightweight stand that offers maximum stability with a minimal footprint.

The WhaleTail is a flexible tablet stand that doubles as a comfortable handle. Its fins and tail adjust to your hand for a convenient, secure grip. Use the WhaleTail to hold your tablet on-the-go, when you’re showing off real estate, taking inventory, or leading a lecture or class.

Bend the fins to the contours of your knee or leg for a comfortable lap stand. Adjust its height and angle for a convenient desk stand. The WhaleTail stands sturdy on soft or uneven surfaces.


  • Flexible: bends easily to both portrait and landscape positions
  • Sturdy: topple-proof on any surface
  • Comfortable: natural shape for a light, easy grip
  • Durable: reinforced to maintain strength after repeated bending
  • Interchangeable: modular design works with entire TabletTail™ system

Weight 0.034 kg
Dimensions 9.40 × 10.54 × 5.00 cm
What's in the Box

• WhaleTail (multi-angle tablet stand, secure tablet handle)
• Instructions

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