Riteaway with Large Ledge

Document placement has never been more convenient and flexible, perfect size, Similar to standard Riteaway but with a large book ledge for those requiring more room for copy. Made in New Zealand.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Riteaway Copyholder Steel 500 mm Ledge

  • Your document placement has never been more convenient and flexible, perfect size easy adjustment with infinite angles from 15° to 45°.
  • Front edge is fixed at 60mm high to clear your keyboard when you want to read or write and bring the unit closer.
  • Rear maximum height is 240mm.
  • Riteaway has a large 500mm wide book ledge giving spacious placement for books, documents, printouts and all sizes of copy material.
  • Convenient hand grip for lifting.
  • Unique nylon wheels let you roll over your keyboard for forward work or back for keyboarding.
  • Solid metal construction also lets you use a magnetic cursor.
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 31.0 × 53.0 × 24.0 cm

Any work surface above 700mm x 600 mm

Additional Dimensions

Ledge Length: 500 mm
Ledge height: 30 mm
Front edge Height: 60mm
Rear edge height at full angle: 240mm
Angle adjustment Infinite from 15° to 45°.

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