Irisbond Hiru

The Irisbond Hiru eye tracker includes intelligent consumption mode and on-chip technology for smarter performance. And the new camera and optics bring better accuracy and more autonomy.

Eye-tracking technology goes limitless


On-chip technology

One improvement in the performance is the on-chip technology. Irisbond’s Hiru eye-tracker processes all the data internally to liberate the computer of that role. Moreover, Hiru enables the user to access any software improvements available immediately.

Intelligent Consumption Mode

Choose between high performance or low consumption depending on your needs.

User Experience

Hiru takes the user experience into the next level including both a calibration button and a light indicator in the own device. You can now understand if your eyes are being tracked without any effort and re-calibrate faster in case you might need it.

Camera & Optics

Up to

60 fps

Up to

5 hours

Battery autonomy

OutdoorVision Technology


Irisbond is committed to ensure continuous improvements to their eye-tracking software. And now the process is smoother: Irisbond’s Hiru eye-tracker will notify you whenever there is a new update available.



  • Full desktop control: with HIRU, full desktop control is possible both with our own mouse control application and also through Windows HID protocol.
  • Integrations: The main advantage of integrating an eye-tracker in an app is that the app can manage the eye-tracker information in an intelligent way, making the gaze control more comfortable. Integrations with HIRU are available.
  • ARM processors are incompatible.


Systray (Windows)

Systray for Windows (.exe)

  • Firmware Updates for Hiru
  • Drivers for Hiru (Required for use with Grid 3)
  • Enables Windows’ own Computer Control

Irisbond Duo/Hiru Driver (Windows)

Irisbond Setup (.exe)

  • These drivers are included in the Systray installer.
Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 25.9 × 2.5 × 2.8 cm
Operating System

iPadOS, Windows

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)

– 1.33 GHz CPU
– Integrated or Dedicated GPU with OpenGL 2.0
– 2 GB RAM
– 3 GB of Storage
– USB Type-C (USB 3.0)

Optimum Screen Size

10 – 20" (Diagonal)


0, 1, 5, 9, 16 points

Selection Mode

– Dwell
– Blink
– Switch

Head Box

20 x 18 cm @ 50 cm distance

Eye Tracking

– Monocular
– Binocular



Sampling Rate (Frequency)

60 Hz

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