iPencil Grip for Apple Pencil (3-Pack)

Made of silicone rubber for durability. Easy to install and use.

Note: Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation and Apple Pencil (USB-C) only.

Apple Pencil not included.

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A must-have for your Apple Pencil, this silicone cover is the perfect companion to make life easy.

The pencil grip supports a simple yet elegant design.

It provides more grip for a better grip on your Apple Pencil and a secure fit that won’t slip off the Apple Pencil.

The ergonomic design gives you the grip you need whether you’re drawing, sketching, signing documents, or even just using the pencil in general.

Installation Guide

  • Clean the pencil surface thoroughly before installation.
  • To insert: Firmly grasp the center of the pencil while gently sliding the handle from the tip toward the cap.
  • To remove: firmly grasp the center of the pencil and slide the handle toward the tip.

White, Purple, Pink


Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
Apple Pencil (USB-C)

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