Grid Pad Wheelchair Power Adapter

Charge your Grid Pad from your powered wheel chair with this adapter

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Charge your Grid Pad whilst on the move

Designed for Grid Pad 10s, Grid Pad 12 and Grid Pad 15, this handy adapter allows your 24V powered wheelchair to charge your Grid Pad whilst you are out and about. The Wheelchair Power Adapter has a choice of adapters which suit a range of power systems and devices.

Supported Grid Pad models

The Wheelchair Power Adapter supports the Grid Pad 10s, 12 & 15 models.


  •  50cm cable from Adapter
  •  100cm cable from Adapter to Grid Pad
  •  110 x 60 x 30 mm
  •  65W DC-DC Converter, 24V Battery Input, 19V at 3.4A Output

Be sure to select the Grid Pad device you will be using the adapter with to ensure it is supplied with the correct connections.

What cable do I need for my wheelchair?

The Wheelchair Power Adapter can be supplied with one of four different connections to support a range of powered wheelchairs.

Dynamics DX 2

Suitable for Invocare powered wheelchairs that use the Dynamics power chair control system.

Dynamics Linx

Suitable for the latest power chair control system from Invocare and Dynamics.

Curtis Wright R-Net

Suitable for powered chairs with Penny and Giles (P&G) or Curtis Wright control systems. The connector is water proof and designed specifically for wheelchairs.

XLR Power connection

A universal power connection that supports many different powered chairs, including older models. When connecting, ensure you are using the power output socket of your chair as incorrect operation can cause damage to both the adapter and your Grid Pad.

(Please note this connector is not compatible with the Grid Pad 10s)

Dimensions 11.0 × 6.0 × 3.0 cm
Grid Pad Compatibility

Grid Pad 10s, Grid Pad 12, Grid Pad 15


Dynamics DX 2, Dynamics Linx, Curtis Wright R-Net, XLR Power connection

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