GIGIPIG Stacking Animals Toy

Animal stacking toy is a fun and educational toy, designed to cultivate thinking, logic and fine motor skills development.

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This is a game that requires enough patience and concentration. You can’t be impatient ,you need to progress step by step. Through continuous stacking, you can slowly discover and find a balance point in the game, more practice can build it up faster.

Mastering the balance

  • Because the wooden balance base is a boat-shaped design, the two ends do not touch the ground, which increases the difficulty and fun of the game.
  • By constantly practicing the stacking game and finding its sense of balance, you can build faster and higher.


  • Animal wooden stacking game can exercise children’s hand-eye coordination ability, fine motor ability and balance ability.
  • Every failure is a foundation for building confidence and inspires children to develop good thinking habits.

How To Play

  • Simple version, start by placing the wooden balance base on a flat table or floor, starting with the simplest introductory stacking technique and slowly stacking.
  • Challenge version, after mastering some balance skills, try to challenge higher difficulty and stack on the constantly shaking balance base, which means that more difficult games require more thinking ability, concentration ability, and patience.

Package Contents

  • 12x Wood Animals
  • 1x Black Base
Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 21.1 × 12.8 × 2.7 cm
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