Dekko Comics (Issues 1-12)

Educational Comics that use visuals, storytelling, memorable characters and jokes to break up the information and create landmarks for memory. They are also super-fun, which always helps with motivation!

Since 2015 Dekko Comics’ Rossie Stone has turned education content into engaging and fun comic strips based on his own way of revising for his exams. He has used these skills and his creativity to support other learners by removing some of the barriers to them engaging with reading and learning.

Comics are still looked down on as not “proper” reading. But why Dekko Comics works with such a wide variety of readers is because they utilise more than just words to communicate even quite complex information.

They use visuals, storytelling, memorable characters and jokes to break up the information and create landmarks for memory. They are also super-fun, which always helps with motivation!


The complete Dekko collection (Issues 1 through 12)

Including educational material for: Maths, English, French, Language, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and more.

  • Dekko Comics issues are NOT chronological and can be read in any order.
  • Each comic issue is 36 pages long and contains 12 comic stories as well as extra material.

Issue 1

  • Maths: Time, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, Measurements
  • English: Spelling, Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs, Figures of Speech
  • Language: French Days of the Week, Basic German Greetings
  • Biology: Sinuses & Colds
  • Physics: How Force works
  • History: How to use Historical Sources, The WWII Home Front

Issue 2

  • Maths: Times Tables, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, Factor, Multiple & Primes
  • English: Vocabulary, Opinion vs. Fact, Figures of Speech
  • Language: French Weather Terms
  • Geography: Natural Disasters
  • Chemistry: Chemical Elements, Chemical Changes
  • Physics: Electric Circuits
  • History: Mary Queen of Scots

Issue 3

  • Maths: Arithmetic, Algebra, Times Tables
  • English: Apostrophes, Tenses, Close Reading
  • Language: Colours in French
  • Geography: Volcanoes, Latitude & Longitude
  • Biology: Immune System
  • Chemistry: Atoms
  • History: Roman Invasion of Britain (55-54 BC)

Issue 4

  • Maths: Statistics, Geometry, Measurements
  • English: Comma Rules, Sentence Structure, Prefixes
  • PSE: Greetings
  • Geography: Weather & Climate
  • Biology: The Circulatory System, Healthy Eating
  • Physics: Sound Vibrations
  • History: Ancient Egyptians

Issue 5

  • Maths: 4 Times Tables, Angles, Measuring Weight
  • English: Verbs & Nouns, Creative Writing, Hyphens, Dashes & Brackets
  • Chemistry: The Water Cycle
  • Language: French – Numbers 1-100, German – Different Foods
  • Physics: The Solar System, Shadows
  • History: Vikings

Issue 6

  • Maths: Multiplication & Division, Ratio & Proportion, Fractions
  • English: Vocabulary, Conjunctions, Suffixes
  • Chemistry: Chemical Changes, Heat
  • PSE: Peer Pressure, Cyber Bullying
  • Physics: Light
  • Geography: Continents

Issue 7

  • Maths: Calculating the Mean, Short and Long Division, Symmetry
  • English: Silent Letters, Thesaurus, Semi Colons & Colons
  • History: Ancient Greece, Aztecs
  • French: “What do I look like?”
  • Biology: Reproduction
  • Geography: The Ocean Environment, Farms & Food

Issue 8

  • Maths: Written addition and subtraction, Perimeter & Area, Reflection
  • English: Adverbs & Modal Verbs
  • History: Victorians
  • French: “What do you like doing?”
  • Biology: Living Things, Plants
  • PSE: Self Awareness
  • Physics: Switches, Brightness & Loudness

Issue 9

  • Maths: Percentages, 9 Times Table, Money
  • English: Common Misspellings, Noun Phrases, Verbs
  • History: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
  • Chemistry: Solid, Liquid or Gas, Rocks and Soil
  • Physics: Gravity & Magnets, Day & Night
  • Geography: Jobs & Work

Issue 10

  • Maths: 12 Times Table, Rounding numbers, Place value
  • English: Settings, Character & Plot, Retrieving Information, Adjectives
  • Biology: Food chains, Digestion
  • PSHE: Respecting differences, Assessing risk
  • French: How I feel
  • Geography: Settlements & Cities

Issue 11

  • Maths: Negative numbers, Area & Volume, Decimals
  • English: Genres in prose, Homophones, Nouns
  • History: Discovery of America, Anglo-Saxons
  • Chemistry: Materials & Properties
  • Physics: Simple machines
  • Biology: Evolution
  • Geography: Types of land

Issue 12

  • Maths: Primes, Square & Cube Numbers, Roman Numerals, 8 Times Table
  • English: Prepositions & Pronouns, Themes & Conventions, Proof Reading
  • PSHE: Rules & Laws, Bullying
  • Biology: Skeletons & Muscles, Life Cycles
  • Language: French Greetings
  • Physics: Moving Surfaces


Maths: Telling the Time

English: Figures of Speech

Biology: The Immune System

History: Mary Queen of Scots

Maths: Algebra

Language: Colours in French

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