Cosmonaut Stylus

Wide-Grip Stylus for Touchscreens.

The Cosmonaut was born out of the desire to have a really great stylus for iPads. A stylus that just feels right.

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Writing or drawing on the iPad feels nothing like using a pen or pencil. The perfect tablet stylus is one that feels like a dry erase marker: fast, simple, low fidelity.

The shaft has a comfortable rubber grip that feels great to hold for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. Taking great care in finding a material for the tip that is responsive and glides effortlessly over the glass screen. The Cosmonaut will work on nearly every capacitive touch screen device, including the iPad and iPhone.

Built to Last

  1. Replaceable Tip Designing the air bubble at the end, testing for the perfect wall thickness, and engineering a secret material.
  2. Solid Aluminum Core Tough, you can play drums with this thing, yet perfectly balanced for sketching.
  3. Rubberized Exterior Soft and grippy, yet waterproof, and durable. Your hands will thank you.
  4. Balanced Drilled just the right amount out of the back for perfect balance.
  5. Press-Fit Endcap Glass bead-blasted aluminum for just a touch of class.

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