Blue2 Bluetooth Switch (1st Gen)

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The Blue2 dual switch provides access to compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch applications via Bluetooth wireless technology.

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Simply sync the switch with your favorite Apple device and activate the application’s switch scanning mode to begin using the app hands-free. Blue2 supports both single and dual switch access through direct access using the two built-in switches, or plug in your favorite switches into the available ports to fit your individual needs. Also a great product for computer access, Blue2 also ships with a USB Bluetooth dongle. For maximum software accessibility, Blue2 supports five modes of keyboard/mouse commands.


  • Bluetooth wireless access up to 10 m
  • Long battery life (requires 2x AA batteries)
  • No-touch access to compatible iTunes AAC apps
  • Single or dual switch access using the built-in switches, or plug in your own switches
  • Computer access with the included Bluetooth dongle
  • Support for a variety of accessibility software with five command modes
Connection Type



2x AA

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