BJOY Ring Wireless

A USB device that allows you to convert the joystick of your wheelchair into a mouse to control your computer and compatible tablets and smartphones wirelessly.

BJOY Ring is placed over your wheelchair’s original joystick in a non-invasive way and can then be used as a wireless mouse accurately and comfortably. The detection ring is connected to a transmitter which is paired to the receiver, and then plugged into the device that you want to control. Each transmitter can be paired with up to 4 receivers to be used with different devices or in different places. Use the included BJOY software to modify or adjust the mouse operation features according to the user’s needs, such as; the speed, the sensitivity and auditory feedback. All settings are stored on the device.


  •  The mouse clicks can be done using your favourite external switches.
  •  The BJOY Configuration Software allows you to orientate the device easily so you can adjust it to the user’s position.
  •  Each switch can perform the following actions: left click, right click, drag & drop, double click or nothing.
  •  Determine the time needed for a switch press to be considered valid.
  •  Configure the drag and drop function as a long press on the switch you select.
  •  Configure the joystick with 4 or 8 directions to simplify access.
  •  Two customisable switch inputs.
  •  One single switch input allows turning off the movement of the cursor.
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