AMAneo BTi

With Amaneo BTi you can now operate your iOS and iPadOS devices with any USB assistive or ergonomic mouse.

The Amaneo BTi is an adapter for your iPad or iPhone which will enable you to have full mouse control over your device. This innovative piece of technology is the first of its kind and will make it easier for students who cannot use touch screens to access iOS devices for activities including using the internet, watching videos, playing games or communicating. With Amaneo BTi you can now operate your iOS device with any assistive or ergonomic mouse.

iPad and iPhone

With AMAneo BTi, assistive, ergonomic and standard mice can be connected to the mobile Apple devices. Simply via Bluetooth, no complicated settings are necessary. Switch on, connect to iPad or iPhone once, connect mouse, ready to go!

Amaneo BTi works with iPhone 5 / iPad 4 / iPad Mini / iPad Pro or later without any additional app. Recommend using the latest available iOS or iPadOS.

Tremor Filter

An electronic filter is built in to compensate the tremors caused by hand tremors. This function can also be variably adjusted to help people who cannot use a touchscreen with essential tremors or Parkinson’s disease. The filter can also be deactivated.

Alternative Mice

The mouse adapter supports almost every mouse. In particular, assistive alternatives such as head mice, trackballs, mouth mice, joysticks, mouse controls integrated in wheelchairs enable access to the world of iPad & iPhone with AMAneo BTi.

External Switches

AMAneo BTi has two sockets for external switches. The left and right mouse button can be replaced with any button or sensor. The mouse adapter recognizes the switches and automatically adjusts the function of the mouse buttons to simplify operation without further settings.


  • Works with any USB mouse or assistive mouse including track ball, joystick, head mouse, thumb mouse and more. Access the Assistive Touch menu to use all of the functionality of the hardware buttons of the iPhone or iPad.
  • Customize additional access features including left click, click and drag, and auto click.
  • Up to 20 hours of operation, and can be charged using a Micro-USB. 
  • Adjustable options for the anti-tremor filter, click delay and auto click (click timer)
  • Bluetooth-Interface for iPad und iPhone
  • 2 connections for external switches (left / right mouse button)
  • Fully integrated AssistiveTouch menu. This makes it possible to use all the functionality of the hardware buttons on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Official MFi product (Made for iPhone/iPad)

If external switches are connected, the following special functions are active: External switch connected to connector “Touch”: The external switch has the function of the left mouse button. All buttons on the connected mouse are deactivated (accidental activation of the mouse buttons on the mouse is avoided). External switch connected to connector “Menu”: The external switch has the function of a right mouse button. All buttons on the connected mouse have the function of the left mouse button (simplifies the use for some users). If external switches are connected to both connections, all buttons on the connected mouse are deactivated.


  1. Micro-USB connector for charging the integrated battery
  2. 10-stage bar graph display
  3. Minus Key (Decrease Value of current Selected Setting)
  4. Plus Key (Increase Value of current Selected Setting, Check Battery Charge :evel)
  5. Status LED
  6. Selection Key (Select Settings: Anti Tremor Filter / Click Delay / Auto Click)
  7. Connection for Switch for Touch function (Corresponds to Left Mouse Button – optional)
  8. Port for USB mouse
  9. Connection for Switch for AssistiveTouch menu (Corresponds to Right Mouse Button – optional)

Dimensions 7.4 × 7.4 × 2.6 cm
Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch), Bluetooth, Micro-USB, USB Type-A

Connection Details

Micro-USB – for Charging
USB Type-A – for Mouse
Bluetooth – for connecting to iPhone/iPad
2x 3.5mm (Switch) – optional for Left/Right Click

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