Wobble Switch

The Wobble Switch is intended for use by any body extremity that can press against the wand.

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The 4″ (~10 cm) wand can be activated with a swiping motion in any direction, registering the action by the bending of the spring-loaded wand.

The flexible arm moves 360-degrees for activation with almost any swiping motion or motor movement by the user. The Wobble Switch can also be activated by pushing the flexible arm down and into the base of the switch. After the flexible arm is activated, it automatically returns to its original position and is ready to be activated again.

This switch is especially useful for those with poor motor control.

Dimensions 19.0 × 3.13 × 3.2 cm
Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch)

Cord Length

1.83 m


Type: Level
Surface: 10 cm
Force: 132 g
Travel (before Activation): 3.8 cm
Feedback: Auditory (click)

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