Weighted Vest

Each vest includes one set of weights with a choice of our regular weights, or if for a specific child you can let us know the weight and they will be made up at 5%.

These vests work by providing children that have sensory processing difficulties with deep pressure sensory input that they need. An Occupational Therapist should be consulted to determine if this type of ongoing sensory input is an appropriate strategy for your child as it can make all the difference in helping them to calm and organise themselves.

The recommended weight of the vests is 5% of your child’s weight. These weights are made with steel pellets contained in 4 x double-sewn bags in front and back pockets on the vest. Sometimes children benefit from a little more weight (up to 10%) and these can be made to fit into the same front and back pockets on the vest and can be removed easily as needed.

Calming Kids Weighted Vests are designed to aid children through the recommendation of your Occupational Therapist or specialist to assist in the treatment of sensory and other difficulties in children. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours.The weights are made with steel pellet and are double sealed in matching material and colour to the vest. Please contact us if you have a specific need that may be able to be met with your order.


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