TiPY One Hand Keyboard

A keyboard for one hand, left or right! TiPY is a handy lightweight and portable one-hand keyboard, smaller than an A4 page, that can connect to up-to 3 computers or mobile devices via USB-C or Bluetooth. One of the most important means of communication of our time can now be easily operated entirely with one hand, includes an alternative mouse and scroll buttons.

The future in your hand

More than a full keyboard

Integrated Mouse

Numeric Keyboard

Left Handed

Battery / Bluetooth / USB-C

Right Handed

Everything in one hand

TiPY is the evolution of the keyboard.

With a new key concept with a number block and an integrated mouse function, TiPY enables all programs to be edited, including key combinations, complex tables, complete word processing and all the advantages and options of a computer in 12 languages.

TiPY makes your work, life and communication with the computer faster and more efficient.

Multifunctional keys and more directly usable special keys enable functions (such as screen brightness, mission control and media control) to be operated quickly with just one push of a button or a simple key combination.

Key Concept

TiPY has a new key concept that focuses on the most frequently used keys and makes typing and learning the TiPY key arrangement faster and easier.

Twin in One

TiPY offers you two keyboards on one device.

The new key concept is supported by the ergonomic hand rest that is changeable and rotatable.

Numerical Keyboard


TiPY offers direct key entry for 12 national languages on one device:

Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.


TiPY has a battery and is connected via Bluetooth.

In addition, you can use the included USB cable to charge your TiPY keyboard and also leave it connected directly to your computer.

Integrated Mouse

The fully integrated mouse also make TiPY an all in one device that can be conveniently taken with you and connected to any device.

Left and Right

Each TiPY one handed keyboard can be operated with the left and the right hand.

Optional Accessories

Case for the TiPY One-Handed Keyboard

Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 280 × 180 × 30 cm
Connection Type

Bluetooth, USB-C


Number: 2 x 92 keys
Type: New Rubber Dome
Service Life: >10million actuations


Black, Grey


– TiPY One Hand Keyboard
– 1m USB-C Cable
– Instruction Manual

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