Talking Watch

Talking analog watch with a crystal clear voice.

Design/style of watch may vary due to availability.

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Talking watches with a crystal clear voice

If you’ve ever used a talking watch you’ll know how invaluable it can be in day-to-day life – not just for telling the time and date, but for simple tasks such as timing a roast in the oven or for planning the day ahead.

Face Diameter

40 mm

Technical Information

– Talking function with clear analogue face and hands
– Voice announcement of time and date
– Automatically adjust between summer and winter time Automatic setting by seeking time signal in countries were available including UK, Germany, USA and Japan
– Can be manually set for countries with no signal
– Setting buttons flush with case to prevent accidental activation
– Option of alarm and hourly time announcement
– Battery included

Strap Style

Expandable Bracelet, Leather Strap

Gender (Strap Size)

Mens, Womens

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