Sleepy Eyes Owl

This super soft owl is switch adapted, Sleepy can barely keep its big, round eyes open as they droop and close while playing soothing sounds and music.

Sleepy Eyes Owl helps soothe users off into relaxation with two modes.

Switch not included.

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  • Use with any two standard 3.5mm switch (not included).
  • Pressing the wings also activates Sleepy Eyes Owl.
  • Perfectly at peace, this soft and cuddly owl features sleepy eyes, soothing sounds, tranquil melodies and gentle lights to relax users.
  • Sleepy Eyes Owl offers 20 minutes of continuous play with adjustable volume control and lights only or sounds only options.

Sleepy Eyes Music Mode

Press one switch or the embroidered music note on the right wing and the owl’s eyes will slowly close and while lights gently glow in the belly and music plays.

Night-Time Soother Mode

Press the other switch or the embroidered moon on the left wing to start the cycle of seven soothing sounds as the sleepy owl eyes slowly close.

Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch)


3 x AA (included)


30 cm

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