Sensory Bean Bags

A pack of colourful bean bags offer many options for learning and play. Great for developing gross motor skills.

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Alphabet Beanbags

Children will love getting hands-on with their learning with these lightweight, washable Alphabet Beanbags.

Could be used for learning sight words, letter recognition, practising spelling words, and more. Or make up your own literacy games!

Then neatly pop them away in the drawstring bag ready for use next time.

  • 26 beanbags (uppercase letter on one side and lowercase letter on reverse)
  • Features colour-coded consonants (blue) and vowels (red) to help children learn the difference
  • Offers suggestions for hands-on alphabet games in Activity Guide

Number Beanbags

Reinforce early maths lessons in tossing games with these sturdy beanbags.

20 bean bags each have a number embroidered on one side (1 to 20) and it’s number word (one to twenty) on the other.

Great for active play that engages children learning numbers 1-20, counting, addition and subtraction.

  • Set of 20 beanbags
  • The bean bags are also colour-coded – even numbers (blue) and odd numbers (red) to help children learn the difference.

Shapes Beanbags

Shape up skills with learning you can feel! There are so many ways to play… say each name as you catch it, toss the bags into matching coloured circles, develop hand-eye coordination, develop hands-on play which supports cognitive development!

  • 10 colour bean bags
  • Embroidered colour word on each bean bag with storage bag
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