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Pencil grips are the simplest of writing aids, but can be very effective in supporting handwriting. Available in a huge selection of colours, styles, materials and designs, we have pencil grips to suit any and every need.

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Essential Pencil Grip Kit

Looking to test out a bunch of different pencil grips? Look no further!

The essential pencil grip kit comes with a huge range of effective pencil grips included.

From specific needs such as a finger across the thumb, or for increased comfort during tiring exams, the essential pencil grip kit offers pencil grips for all situations.

The pencil grips are made from softer materials that are lovely to hold and won’t slip down the pencil when used – perfect for getting handwriting lessons going with a zing!

Includes an assortment of 20 pencil grips:

  • Skittle (x3)
  • Write (x3)
  • Dolphin (x2)
  • Comfort (x2)
  • Ridged Comfort (x3)
  • Stegosaurus (x1)
  • Squooshi (x2)
  • Soft Triangular (x3)
  • Large Soft Triangular (x1)

(Colours and contents may vary)

Dolphin Grip

One of the most fun pencil grips available, the dolphin pencil grip is made from a soft silicone material – making it very comfortable to hold and use.

With accentuated finger intents, this pencil grips helps to encourage the hand to maintain a tripod grip.

Material: silicone.

Contents: 5x Dolphin Grips (colours may vary).

Write Grip

The Write pencil grip is ideal for developing the tripod finger position in children.

It’s similar to the “Stubbi” pencil grip, but comes with a higher top ridge.

Made from silicone material, the write pencil grip is comfortable and won’t slip down the pencil when being used.

This pencil grip is perfect for pencils up to 7.6mm diameter.

Contents: 5x Write Grips – (colours may vary)

Squooshi Grip

The sparkling new squooshi pencil grip not only looks fantastic, but also helps with handwriting issues.

The soft silicone material makes it easy to use and the triangular design with finger and thumb indents give even more comfort and control.

Contents: 5x Squooshi Grips (colours may vary).

Soft Triangular Grip

The most popular pencil grip, now made from a softer material!

This easy to use, triangle pencil grip is suitable for all ages.

As there are no specific finger indents on the triangle pencil grip, it can be used for very young children.

The thicker grip and extra softness makes this pencil grip perfect for periods of intensive writing.

Standard Size fits 8.2mm diameter pencils.

Large Size fits 9.2 diameter pencils.

Contents: 10x Soft Triangular Grips – (colours may vary)

Comfort Grip

The comfort pencil grip is a soft pencil grip designed for small and less able fingers. As it’s made from foam, this pencil grip is soft and very comfortable to use.

This pencil grip is perfect for both personal use or for schools.

Contents: 10x Comfort Grip (colours may vary)

Ridged Comfort Grip

The ridged pencil grip helps to improve the hold of those who grip their pencil too tightly.

Made from soft material, the ridged pencil grip is very comfortable to use.

The perfect pencil grip perfect for both individual use and school orders.

Contents: 10x Ridged Comfort Grips (colours may vary)

Skittle Grip

Made from flocked foam, the skittle pencil grip is soft and comfortable to use.

The contoured shape is ideal for those who dislike cylindrical comfort and ridged pencil grips, and is perfect for those who currently grip pencils too tightly.

The skittle pencil grip fits standard sized pencils.

Contents: 10x Skittle Grips (colours may vary)

Claw Grip

The writing claw pencil grip has been designed to help improve the hold of a pencil by correcting the position of the user’s fingers.

The finger tips sit comfortably in the three caps of the pencil grip, ensuring that the hand stays in the correct position and can help change an established unhelpful or painful grip. These pencil grips are designed for short term use.

The claw grip is available in small, medium or large size and will stretch to fit most standard pencil sizes.

Contents: 4x Claw Grips (colours may vary).

The Sportwriter

The Sportwriter is a must have tool for helping to develop handwriting and positioning.

An elasticated knitted band that holds the pencil in the correct position and strengthens muscle tone, with a charm attached by a cord to keep the third and fourth fingers from interfering with the tripod grip. Can be used in conjunction with other grips.

Colours may vary.

The Handiwriter

The handiwriter is a must have tool for helping to develop handwriting and positioning.

The elasticated, knitted band comfortably holds the pencil in the correct position and strengthens muscle tone, whilst the fun yet effective attached charm helps to keep the third and fourth fingers from interfering with the tripod grip.

Even better, the handiwriter can be used in conjunction with other pencil grips.

Colours may vary.

Cross Guard Ultra Grip

The Cross Guard Ultra pencil grip is specially shaped to provide a special finger guard.

This finger guard works to keep the finger in the correct position and helps improve handwriting.

Contents: 5x Cross Guard Ultra Grips (colours may vary per pack)

Large Ultra

The large ultra pencil grip has extra support and control.

Contains 5x Large Ultra Pencil Grips

Stegosaurus Grip

The Stegosaurus grip has all the advantages of specific indents for each finger and is completely logical to use. It’s fun, but technical too, as it trains the fingers by:

  • Naturally holding the fingers in the correct tripod position
  • Using his sturdy spines to stop fingers crossing over
  • Using his carefully designed bottom to support finger joints that flex too much
  • The user instinctively holds it the right way up and the right way round (head first)

Contents: 4x Stegosaurus Grips


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