hand2mind Finger Focus Highlighter

hand2mind Finger Focus Highlighter helps students with dyslexia tackle complex words and text with a hands-on reading aid right on their finger.

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Includes 1 ring and 4 wands in 4 different colors: yellow, blue, purple, and clear
A wearable highlighter that helps kids process letters and sounds
Easy to Use – It feels like a natural extension of the finger
Flexible blue ring so adults can wear as they read to their kids
Great for school or at home learning – strengthen reading skills, reduce visual stress, and help kids focus on concentration

Build Strong Reading Skills
The perfect tool for visual learners who are struggling with reading and dyslexia

Hands-on Learning
Finger Focus Highlighter makes it easy for children, parents, or teacher to track each word

Interchangeable Bright Color Wands
Every child has a different reading style. They can choose the color that best suits their reading needs

Fun Learning
Create an enjoyable and engaging learning experience

Available in a single pack or a pack of 6


1 Pack (1 Ring & 4 Wands), 6 Pack (6 Rings & 24 Wands)

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