Grip Toggle (4 Pack)

Great for those with difficulty of limited hand use, the Grip Toggles slots between your fingers and pulls items to your hand.

4 Pack / 2 Sizes

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4 Pack / 2 Sizes

Is plenty to start you off in making life easier around the home or office.

14 mm hole and 8mm hole, enough to fit around everyday handheld items.


  • Easy to Clean – Safe in dishwashers and autoclaves. Can be washed with soap and warm water too.
  • Easy to Use – Unlike cheaper silicone grips, the Grip Toggle is designed not to trap your hand uncomfortably which makes it easier to use on many items. Leaving you with a comfortable and secure grip on many household items.
  • Suction Cup – The top of the Grip Toggle features a suction cup which allows the Grip Toggle to pull open doors, microwaves, dishwashers, open laptops and pull smooth items towards you. It also allows you to stick items to smooth surfaces.
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