Grasp Switch

A squeeze or pinch will activate this switch. No tactile or auditory feedback. User must be able to release the grip in approximately 2 seconds to prevent switch latching.

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Quick Start

Switch Quick Start Guide (PDF)


Switch Instructions for Use (PDF)

Before Use

Due to conditions during shipping the internal pressure of the Grasp Switch may need to be equalized upon receipt of the product to ensure proper operation.

Please perform the following steps to ensure that the internal pressure of the Grasp Switch has been properly equalized:

  1. Position a small flat-head screwdriver between the main body of the switch and the handle (at the base of the handle) and slide the blade of the screwdriver between the two parts.
  2. Lightly lift the screw driver away from the base of the switch enough to allow airflow.
  3. Slide the screw driver back out of the unit.
  4. The switch should now be functioning normally.
Dimensions 3.3 × 3.3 × 14.9 cm
Switch Type


Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch)

Cable Length

1.52 m


Type: Pneumatic
Surface: 7.6 x 3.5 cm
Force: 300 g
Travel (before Activation): 0.5 cm

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