Calming Clothing – Compression Tights (Pants)

Calming Clothing is a range of innovative clothing for children with sensory processing disorders and differences. The clothes look just like any other typical run of the mill kids’ clothing, but are so much more!

Specially designed to provide deep pressure input across the day, these clothes can be both calming and / or altering, depending on the needs of the individual. Deep pressure is a universal organiser, which means it will lift you up when your arousal levels are low and bring you down when you’re high!

These clothes may be particularly useful for children who seek out proprioception / deep pressure input, for example by squeezing in to tight spaces, burying themselves under mountains of cushions, asking for lots of big hugs, engaging in rough and tumble play, or similar behaviours. Deep pressure input can have a range of positive effects across a number of areas for a child, including their ability to attend to activities, engage in tasks, interact with others, and more.

The Tights and Shorts are constructed inside out with all seams sewn down, similarly to the T-Shirts. Tags are only on the outside of the garments to reduce tactile input for sensitive souls.
The Tights come in black only and are produced in the same premium quality 280 gram Combed Cotton Lycra blend. This premium quality cotton blend is extra strong while the combing guarantees softness with no piling. Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes and is moisture absorbent. Best of all, this garment is machine washable. The Tights have a strong grosgrain loop on both sides at the waist for fingers that would prefer to hook on than hold. This enables those children to pull up or down without assistance. The Tights have a small white loop outside at the centre back to show children the front from the back, maintaining their independence while dressing.

Please seek advice from your Occupational Therapist if you are unsure as to whether this is an appropriate product for your child.



Tights Size

2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

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