BIG Candy Corn Proximity Switch

A large, wired proximity sensor switch that activates when a user’s body is within 2.5cm of the switch top.

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The Big Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is just as great as the Little Candy Corn proximity sensor switch, but almost twice the size and with new features! 

Big Candy Corn is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch from the user to activate. Simply wave a hand or move your body within 2.5 cm of Big Candy Corn and it activates.


  • Larger activation area – approximately 9 cm wide (80% wider than the Little Candy Corn)
  • Easier to activate – activates when the user is within 2.5 cm of the switch top or with a light touch
  • Auditory beep and visual feedback can be turned on and off
  • Includes replaceable CR2430 battery 

Internal magnet for mounting, or use the two threaded inserts to mount with the Universal Mounting Plate



Quick Start

Candy Corn Quick Start Guide (PDF)


Candy Corn Instructions for Use (PDF)

Dimensions 9.8 × 1.2 × 1.5 cm
Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch)


Type: Proximity Sensor
Feedback: Auditory (Beep)


CR2430 (included)

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