AbleNet VisionBoard 2

Created for anyone who living with vision or dexterity issues, the VisionBoard 2’s innovative design reduces eyestrain and improves finger contact and keyboarding control.

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The VisionBoard 2 offers a big advantage to people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard by improving readability and reducing eyestrain with big 1″ (2.54 cm) square keys and large, bold black-on-white letters and numbers.

Users with low vision or functional limitations can increase and improve capabilities with greater comfort and control.

The VisionBoard 2 also features two USB 2.0 side ports and function keys.

Require a Keyguard

The BigBlu KinderBoard Keyboard is compatible with the Chester Creek Keyguard – With Function Keys.

Dimensions 48.3 × 17.8 × 3.8 cm

White, Yellow

Connection Type

USB Type-A

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