TD Snap

TD Snap is a flexible software offering a choice of AAC solutions to help people with communication disabilities. With a number of page sets to explore, professionals and families will find the right solution to meet their needs.

TD Snap comes with several page sets developed by Tobii Dynavox, including Core First, Text, Scanning and Aphasia, while page sets created by third parties such as PODD and Gateway are available as additional purchases.

All TD Snap Page Sets are accessible via touch, eye gaze or switch, offering clear speech output.

TD Snap is compatible with all Tobii Dynavox devices and is also available to purchase as a standalone app for iPad and Windows devices.


Communicate your way

TD Snap is a flexible software offering professionals and families a choice of AAC solutions. It comes with a set of powerful tools and resources to empower people with speech and language disabilities to communicate.




Speech Output

Explore TD Snap Page Sets

Success looks different for everyone. TD Snap offers a suite of eye gaze, touch and switch-enabled page sets to meet different communication needs and preferences.

Core First

A symbol-supported page set enabling a path to communication and literacy at any stage of language development, by Tobii Dynavox.



A page set for those who are literate or transitioning from symbol supports to literacy, by Tobii Dynavox.



A page set designed specifically for those who use scanning as their primary access method, by Tobii Dynavox.



A page set based on the Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display vocabulary strategy, developed by Gayle Porter.

In-App Purchase


A page set based on the Gateway vocabulary strategy, developed by Joan Bruno.

In-App Purchase


A page set to help adults with aphasia communicate while also supporting language recovery, by Tobii Dynavox.


What else is included?

All TD Snap Page Sets come with a powerful set of tools to help simplify editing and enrich communication.

TD Snap Tools

  • Editing tool
  • Search tool
  • Behavior supports
  • Google Assistant
  • QuickFires
  • myTobiiDynavox

Devices that come with TD Snap


User Manual

TD Snap User’s Manual (PDF)

Training Cards

TD Snap Training Cards (PDF)

Aphasia Training Cards

TD Snap Aphasia Training Cards (PDF)

Core First

Core First Page Set Guide (PDF)

Aphasia Implementation Guide

TD Snap Aphasia Implementation Guide (PDF)

Snap Text

Snap Text Page Set Guide (PDF)

Operating System

iPadOS, Windows

Include In-App Purchases

None, PODD, Gateway, PODD & Gateway

Include Voices

None, Acapela Voices, Nuance Voices, Acapela & Nuance Voices

System Requirements

Operating System: Apple iOS, iPad 3 or newer and at least iOS 11
Size: 1.6 GB
Memory: 2GB RAM at least (4GB RAM recommended)

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 1803 or higher
Size: 1.46 GB
Memory: 2GB RAM at least (4GB RAM recommended)

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