ORKA Talking Alarm Clock

Independence for your loved one.
Peace of mind for you.
Deliver timed reminders, in your voice, with the Talkling Madi digital alarm clock.

The Talking Madi Clock by Orka has easy-to-operate, personalized settings with a large display to help address the challenges we all face as our family members age and require more care at home.

The Talking Madi Clock delivers reliable performance, customized options, and quality, dependable construction that guarantees the performance you expect.

Talking Madi Features

  • Extra-large day and time display
  • Up to 8 personalized voice reminders
  • Oversized, easy-to-operate controls
  • Day, date and time announcement at the touch of a button
  • Announces and displays in six languages: English (US & UK), Spanish, French, German and Italian
  • This clock is NOT battery operated
  • Dementia sufferers may need assistance in setting up Talking Madi.

Alarm Features

  • Personalized Voice Messages
  • Flashing Display with Sound
  • Comforting Musical Setting
  • “Weekday only” option in Alarm Settings

Clock Functional Features

  • Touch Button Time Telling
  • Touch Button Messages

Clock Physical Features

  • Display Day of the Week
  • Day & Night Time Indications
  • Volume Control Switch
  • Brightness Control Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • USB Port for Charging Devices
  • External Speaker Jack
  • Back Up Battery (Not Battery Operated)

Memory Assistance

  • Press “Time?” button to retrieve the day, date and time as needed.
  • Recorded schedule can be retrieved with “Play Message” button announcing all alarms.
  • Sun or moon icon displays to help determine the time of day.

Audio Features

  • Up to 90 decibels to assist when hearing aids are off or hearing is diminished. Volume control switch easily adjusts the volume to the level you prefer.
  • Talking Madi comes with an external speaker jack that connects to external speakers.
  • Mute function to turn voice or alarms off.

Vision Assistance

  • “Time?” button announces the day, date and time, for seniors who ask about the time often during the day.
  • Big Digits (1.93 inches high) the display can be seen clearly from anywhere in the room.
  • Big buttons and controls are easy to see and use.
  • Flashing display alerts your loved one of an alarm.
Dimensions 24.5 × 6.8 × 14.5 cm
Number of Alarms

8 Unique Alarm Messages/Recordings

Alarm Duration

30 minutes


English UK, English US, Spanish, French, German, Italian

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