Music & Lights Busy Board

This busy board is made from the high-quality wooden materials and carefully handmade without any sharp edge.

Music Player

  • When you turn on the power switch, to indicate normal operation, the lights will flash.
  • If there is no sound, please long press the volume up button.
  • If the red indicator stays on, it indicates that the memory card (SD Card) is not inserted.
  • MP3 and WMA music file formats supported

Colourful Flashing Lights

  • Press the black button to turn on/off the colourful lights.
  • You can insert a picture into the circular cutout by unscrewing the screws of the busy board.

Three-Colour Light Bulbs

Single Button

The colour of the light will match the colour that is pressed.

Two Buttons

Pressing two button will add the colours together, eg. Pressing the Red and Green buttons will turn the light Purple.

Three Buttons

Pressing all three will add all the colours and turn the light white.


The Marquee consists of 10 small lights that will turn the lights on in a circle and with the speed control knob, this will speeding up/slowing down the lights apparent rotation.

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 19.6 × 14.5 × 4.6 cm

3x AA (not included)

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