Gyroset Vigo

Gyroset Vigo is a wireless, proportional head controller for powered wheelchairs that can also be used as a computer head mouse.

Meet the future of wheelchair head control

Main Features

  • The smoothest proportional head control available on the market
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Computer mouse mode is available now!
  • Extremely short training period required
  • Customizable settings (all angles and sensitivity) for each individual’s needs in the free software
  • Built-in emergency stop functions
  • Up to 14 hours battery life

Drive Overview

  • Compatible with PG’s OMNI, OMNI 2 and IOM Module, Invacare/Dynamic’s new Linx systemand Quantum‘s Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display or SCIM Module
  • Super sensitive – use it even with the smallest head movements
  • Works with any external switch you prefer, but a Headrest Sensor is included in the kit
  • Re-calibrate neutral position any time
  • Access seating, speed and profile menu with the infrared sensor, adjust each setting easily
  • Activate – deactivate drive mode easily

Mouse Mode

  • Compatible with any device that supports USB HID, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS computers and tablets
  • Switch easily between drive and mouse mode
  • Clicking made simple and hygienic with the infrared Gesture Sensor, just wink or move your cheek
  • Free software available from our website
  • Quick and effortless typing with the virtual keyboard

Tech Specs

  • Compatible with PG’s R-Net controller (via the OMNI Speciality Control Interface or IOM Input/Output Module), Invacare/Dynamic’s new Linx system (via the DLX-IN500 input module), and Quantum‘s Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display or SCIM Module
  • Can be connected via Gyroset™ Link interface and Cubo Bluetooth receiver and display (both included in the box)
  • Visual (LED) and audio feedback
  • Connect any external switch via 3.5mm jack plug
Weight 0.017 kg
Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch)

Battery Life

Up to 14 hours


via USB

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