GoNow Case for iPad

Carry, protect, and enhance the sound of your iPad.

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The ergonomically designed GoNow Case lets you give a student an iPad with confidence. Why? The sleek, built-in handle makes it easier to carry. The solid plastic casing keeps the iPad safe from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – like bumps and drops. Plus our expert design increases the audio fidelity and volume of the iPad acoustically. There are no electronics in the GoNow Case requiring charging. The GoNow simply channels and redirects the sound to the front, yielding a more consistent and richer audio performance.

The front of the GoNow Case also includes a switch to access the magnetic lock/unlock feature built into iPads. Other iPad controls like volume, power, charging dock and headphone jack are available too, so the iPad stays protected in the GoNow Case.


  • Requires no batteries or charging
  • Built-in handle
  • Absorbs shocks
  • Better audio
  • Magnetic lock/unlock switch
  • Easy access to charging dock

GoNow Case has a high-impact exterior and foam padded interior to absorb shock.

The Sleek is easy to carry, absorbs shocks and significantly improves the iPad’s audio. It’s three times as loud! You have easy access to iPad controls and a switch that incorporates the iPad’s magnetic on/off feature.

GoNow Complete Package includes a GoNow Case, a Shoulder Strap, and Screen Protector.

iPad model

iPad 10.2" (7th / 8th / 9th Generation – 2019-2021), iPad Mini (5th generation – 2019), iPad Mini 4 (2015-2019)


Case only, Complete Package

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