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Communicators — Eye Gaze Communication

Though most people think of verbal speech when they imagine communication, there are actually many modes of expression. From sign language to high-tech communicators, people with disabilities communicate in a variety of ways.

Communication doesn’t always require broad motor control either. For people whose movement may be severely limited, eye gaze communication provides an important outlet for expression and interaction.

How Do Eye Communication Devices Work?

Eye communication devices work by tracking the user’s eye movement. To communicate effectively, a person uses their gaze to select options positioned on a board. For example, an onlooker might observe a person’s eye movement as they choose between the words “Yes” and “No” or between letters to spell a word.

Who Are Eye Communication Devices Made For?

We make our eye communication devices for people with special needs and disabilities who struggle to use other forms of communication. Eye gaze communicators can be particularly helpful to people with very limited movement, such as those with cerebral palsy or spinal cord injuries.

Start Talking With Eye Talks

The eyes say it all with our popular, inexpensive but highly effective eye gaze communication board. In order to communicate, simply attach messages to the board, observe the user’s eye gaze and receive your message.

Made of shatter-resistant plastic, the Eye Talk comes with two self-contained height-adjustable triangle stands and an adhesive 12″ (30.48 cm) strip that you can cut to size for attaching your messages. You can purchase our Eye Talks individually — with or without a base — or in sets of four or 10 that include one base.

Eye Talk options

Eye Talk with one Black Base, Eye Talk (4 Pack) with one Black Base, Eye Talk (10 Pack) with one Black Base, Eye Talk Only

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