Dry Erase Pockets (Pack of 30) – Pens included

A pack of 30 Dry Erase Pockets that can fit A4 worksheets for reuse over and over with the includes pens

Designed for use with Dry-erase Pens exclusively.

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  • Durable for repeated use
    • All of the edges of the pockets are double sewn.
    • The plastic writing surface is non scratch and easy to wipe off, allowing you to reuse classroom worksheets over and over again.
  • Eco Friendly
    • Save on paper. With our Dry Erase Pockets there is no need to print multiple copies of the same worksheet.
  • Pens Included
    • Each pocket comes with a pen holder. Whiteboard marker pens are also included. Each pen has an eraser tip.
  • Generous Size
    • Each Dry Erase Pockets is 26 × 35cm allowing for easy insertion of A4 paper
  • Ring included for easy storage.
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