AbleNet BigBlu VisionBoard

The world’s first large key Bluetooth keyboard.

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The wireless BigBlu VisionBoard offers a significant advantage to people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard by improving readability and reducing eyestrain with big 1″ (2.54 cm) square keys. The large, bold black-on-white letters and numbers are easy to see with a contrast ratio of 21:1 and are almost 250% larger than the print on standard keyboards. Users with low vision or physical limitations can increase and improve capabilities with greater comfort and control.

BigBlu VisionBoard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, and iPadOS devices. Please note, this keyboard uses a Windows key layout, but is compatible with other devices.

Require a Keyguard

The BigBlu KinderBoard Keyboard is compatible with the Chester Creek Keyguard – With Function Keys.

Dimensions 48.3 × 3.8 × 17.8 cm
Connection Type



2x AAA (Included)

Battery Life

~90+ Days

Battery Indicator

Battery indicator light replaces CAPS Lock light

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